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Priorities for our city



Strong neighborhoods are critical to healthy communities.  We must ensure we foster city ordinances that will promote fair housing. We must ensure that we enforce housing codes to bring housing to meet or exceed code. This will help in stabilizing utilities cost and resale values for property owners.  

The pillar of our community is our senior residence both renters and home-owner households.  We must seek programs that will offer rental assistance and property maintenance to provide needed rehabilitation and preservation of safe affordable housing.

Economic Development

The Rocky Mount Event Center has promise to be a leader in tourism to our city. We have had success with our sports complex. Properly managing the Event Center will build upon that success.

Tourism increases hotel night stays, increases traffic in local restaurants and gas purchases. It also may create opportunity for the expansion of existing business or the creation of new businesses supporting tourism.  We all win when we embrace tourism for our city.  

It just might be the tourist who decides to make Rocky Mount their home. 

Crime and Safety

It is in my experience that the citizens of Rocky Mount wants to feel safe.  We can read all the stats in the world, but we must do a better job at working at crime in our city. 

I want to organize through the Mayor's office a city-wide conflict resolution event. Most of the issues relative to crime are directly correlated to a need for conflict resolution summits and employment opportunities.

Transparency and Participation

As a student of communication and a broadcaster, I am dedicated to creating more openness in Rocky Mount local government.  I will safeguard the public trust and enhance transparency, public participation, and partnership. Openness will strengthen our City and promote productivity and success in our City.

My key goal, once elected, is to push for cameras in the council chamber and committee room. The small investment in technology will provide access to meetings our citizens are unable to attend. 

The Mayor office must communicate with the citizens more than once a year by a state of the city address.  Citizens should always know what is going on in the Mayor's office. 

Improving Infrastructure

The major function of local government is to maintain and upgrade infrastructure throughout the city. Clean water from ingestion to the tap must always be a priority for our city. 

Staying on top of aging water and sewer lines are critical to healthy, safety and economic development. When a large business is looking to locate in the community; the key infrastructure need is water and sewer. Maintaining control of water lines comes with a cost, but adds value to our city. 


The incubator to economic development is education. We must meet the needs of our total community. We meet those needs by maintaining and improving strong relationships with our educational partners. 

Public Safety Plan

Citizen in Rocky Mount must feel safer in our city.  Not because we say that it is safe, but they can see a difference in their neighborhoods.  (Read More)

Committee to Elect Bronson Williams for Mayor
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